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Launching an AI product or feature is hard. If you've never done it before, it will frustrate your customers, cost too much, and take too long.

We're here to help.

Work with our seasoned experts to confidently bring experiences to your market at a budget that works.

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Cost effective AI

Want to get started with AI but can't figure out TCO?

We know what to expect, can confidently estimate, plan, and match expectations with your budget.

Scaleable, Secure and Private AI

Worried about the security and privacy implications of AI?

We help you follow best practices and stay covered.

Vector Search and Hybrid Search

We wrote the book on Semantic Search

Adding embeddings/vectors to your search index is frought with problems including cost, scale, .

Embedding model selection

Make sure you choose the best AI for your use cases.

We're experts in model selection, tuning, and production integration into your stack.

GPT for RAG and Content Enrichment at scale

Want to use GPT but are worried about cost, quality, hallucinations, prompt hacking?

We'll guide you safely to an amazing experience for your customers.

Relevance Tuning

Want to use AI but need to start with the basics?

We have over 12 years of experience making search quality amazing.

Team Upskilling

Unprepared for the road ahead?

Day-to-day knowledge sharing, pair programming, and training, prepares your team to confidently own everything they build.

We help bring your products to the forefront of technology. Our experts work along side your team to deliver content understanding, vector/hybrid search solutions, chatbots, and more. Be the disruptor, not the disruptee!

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